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Headquarter map Headquarter map
  • Headquarter

    331, Jisamro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (17088)
    Tel : 82-31-289-2700, Fax : 82-31-287-9061

  • Access through the Gyeongbu Express Highway

    Seoul → Exit from Suwon-Singal IC → Singal 5-way Cross → To Korean Folk Village → Turn left at GS Caltex, go straight for 1.78Km → Turn right at SK gas station and go straight to Jigok-dong for 4.3Km

  • Accessing from Yongin City Hall

    Drive 1 km straight from Yongin City Hall towards Suwon-Singal → Turn left in the direction of Jisamro → Drive 1 km further from Joil Golf Club, over a hill

  • Coming on public transportation

    Take No.8877 at Incheon International Airport → Get down at the last stop(Korean Folk Village. Bora Maeul Entrance Intersection) → Take No. 54 maeul-bus at Nagok Village, Korean Folk Village → Get down at the last stop