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Inspection & Testing for Firefighting Apparatus

Inspection of Firefighting Apparatus

To improve job capability of fire-fighting equipment operators, they are provided with the training courses on the specifications, performance, operation, inspection, on-site safety and maintenance of fire-fighting equipments.

Precision Test of Firefighting Apparatus

Precision inspection is conducted with specific components of fire-fighting equipments in accordance with the instructions of the Chief Director of NEMA.

Overhaul Maintenace of Firefighting Apparatus

The fire trucks, including aerial ladder trucks, chemical fire trucks, and water tank trucks, must be inspected and maintained in good condition. Overhaul is the legal term of the maintenance work of fire trucks. The speed and reliability of the overhaul maintenance are very important for protecting life and properties in case of fire. KFI, which is the authorized inspection agency of fire-fighting equipments, is providing the overhaul maintenance services. Fire trucks must be applied with an overhaul maintenance at least by once within one half of its legal service life.