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Product Inspection

Product Inspection is applicable to the fire-fighting equipments having passed model approval and performance certification to verify their compliance to the specified structure and performance. Product Inspection is classified into manufactured product inspection and product quality inspection.

Product Inspection info
Manufactured Product Inspection

Newly produced fire-fighting products are inspected for their compliance to the model approval and performance certification standards, before shipping.

Product Quality Inspection

The quality management system and fire-fighting products are inspected for their compliance to applicable standards, on a regular basis.

Objective Articles
Object of Model Approval

10 items, including Fire Extinguisher, Fire Extinguishing Agent, Automatic Spread Fire Extinguishing System, Cabinet Type Automatic Fire Extinguishing System, Automatic Fire Extinguishing System, Detector, Manual Call Point, Fire Bell, Exit Light, Current Leakage Alarm Unit, Gas Leakage Alarm Unit, Fire Escape Ladder, Automatic Decending Life Line, Life Chute, Fire Hose, Coupling, Nozzle, Water Transmission Hole, Air Respirator, Water Pressure Switching Device for Actuation, Fire Retarding Agents

Object of Performance Certification

31 items, including Indicating Pressure Gauge, Safety air Cushion, Design Software of Gaseous Fire Extinguishing System, Flame Retarding Agents(Beddings, Fabrics for Clothes, Sofa, Chairs and Automotive Interior Materials), Many People Fire Escape Equipment

Flame Retardant Performance Test

The curtains, carpet and other interior materials used in the specific areas specified in the Fire-fighting Act are tested to evaluate their flame retardant performance.

Objective Articles
Facilities Subject to Fire-fighting Regulation
  • Buildings higher than 11 stories, excluding apartment house
  • Massage parlors, health clubs
  • Theatre, meeting, and sports facilities (inside buildings, excluding swimming pools)
  • Sleeping accommodations, general hospitals
  • Broadcasting station, studio
  • Youth facilities (with sleeping accommodations), facilities for senior people
  • Public services & shops
    • Resting & restaurants, bakeries, and eating places with areas 100㎡ or above (66㎡ or for underground floors)
    • Singing saloons, movie theaters, singing rooms, entertainment bars, video saloons, vide theaters, game rooms, gamming service places.
    • Academies (capacity of 100 or more students)
    • Korean-style sauna, postpartum care, public study buildings, telephone conversation services, sleeping
      accommodations, cola-tecs, indoor shooting ranges, indoor golf exercise grounds.
Flame Retardant Goods
  • Carpet : Thick fabric products laid on the floors, including woven, tufted carpet, embroidered carpet, neat carper, bonded carper, needle punch carpet, etc.
  • Curtain : Cloth installed for interior decoration, on windows, or for space partitioning.
  • Blind : Cloth installed for interior decoration, on windows, or for space partitioning.
  • Blackout blind : Cloth installed on windows, etc., to block out light
  • Stage screen : Curtain(s) on stage, including screen
  • - Wall papers : Sheet or roll of paper, having thickness less than 2mm, applied on walls, ceilings, etc.
    • Vinyl wall paper : Wall paper whose main material is synthetic resins
    • Fabric wall paper : Wall paper made of unwoven fabrics
    • Interior films : Wall paper produced by attaching on synthetic resin sheet
    • Natural material wall paper : Wall paper made mainly with natural materials (pulp, plant, etc.)
  • Plywood : Plate materials produced from processed wood, including MDF (medium density fiberboard) Sheets of 0.4mm or thinner may be applied on the surface of ply wood for flame retardancy or decoration.
  • Wood : Products made of wood.
  • Fiberboard : Synthetic resin boards or plywood attached with fabric on the surface or produced from fabrics, including sound absorbent and sound proofing materials
  • Synthetic resin board : Interior decorative materials made mainly from synthetic resins, including sound absorbent and sound proofing materials
  • Synthetic resin sheet : Wall paper made of synthetic resin
  • Other goods : Other interior decorative materials (fabrics, synthetic resins, plywood, wood, sound barrier, sound proof materials)

Product Inspection of KFI Certification

This inspection is applied to the products manufactured or imported under the KFI Certification to verify their compliance to the standard of the certification. Product Inspection is conducted to confirm the compliance of the product presented by the applicant to the standard products (samples) of KFI Certification.

Objective Items

23 items, including Fire Fighting Clothes, Fire Fighter Protective Gloves, Disposable Sprinkler System, Non-combustible · semi-non-combustible Materials for Interior Decorations, Heatproof Clothes, Fire Escape Oxygen Generating Mask, Slide, Fire Fighting Hoods, Specific Fire Fighting Clothes, Rescue Machine Fire Truck, Emergency Fire Truck, LED Smoke Perspective Lantern, Floor Finishing Materials, Water Tank Fire Truck, High Ladder Fire Truck, Articulated Ladder(Tower) Fire Truck, Unmanned Refraction Monitor Nozzle Fire Truck, Coupling