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Risks come in unexpected forms and moments.
A great challenge to save lives at the moment of despair without any errors!
There is no end to the challenges of Korea Fire Institute which keeps the public safe. Korea Fire Institute, which was established to improve the firefighting technology of Korea and the quality of firefighting equipment in 1977, is forming a belief in safety by increasing safety and quality based on professional technology and infrastructure ranging from everyday firefighting goods to hazardous material facilities for the people to be safely protected within increasingly large and diverse disasters. We are responsible for the quality and safety of firefighting goods and equipment and hazardous material facilities and carrying out testing and inspection tasks more fairly and rigorously. We improve inspection standards to international standards and contribute to the production and dissemination of high quality products.
1. Testing and inspection of firefighting goods
2. Safety inspection for hazardous material facilities
3. Quality inspection of firefighting apparatus
4. Fire industry promotion
5. Technical training
Leading the development of firefighting technology.
Fire industry promotion
Korea Fire Institute leads the development of fire industry. As presidency of AFIC (Asia Fire-protection Inspection Council), it has established a joint response system among fire-related agencies in Asia and puts efforts into fostering technology information exchange.
Asia Fire-protection Inspection Council (AFIC) Management
We provide certification and examination services including UL, and FM Approvals on behalf of the global certification bodies. We are taking the lead in improving the international competitiveness of domestic fire equipment through active technology exchanges. Moreover, to support the international competitiveness of fire equipment and companies in order to enter the overseas market, we are supporting participation of domestic and overseas firefighting exhibitions at the highest level in Korea. Also, we are promoting domestic firefighting technology globalization by promoting various industrial promotion policies such as the Korea Fire Industry Awards for advanced firefighting technology and design competition.
Signed technical agreement with overseas certification body
Fire industry information system
Overseas marketing support (English)
Continue to manage firefighting technology. Firefighting apparatus quality inspection·Safety inspection for hazardous material facilities
For the inspection of advanced and upgraded firefighting apparatus, Korea Fire Institute has established a firefighting apparatus center in Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do. By carrying out specialized training including how to drive, operate and manage firefighting vehicles for firefighting officers, we strive to improve the competency of the operator. For improvement of the quality of firefighting apparatus and systematic management, we perform precise inspections of newly made firefighting vehicles and firefighting vehicles in use.
[Firefighting apparatus quality inspection]
In addition, regarding hazardous material facilities requiring more systematic safety management, we thoroughly inspect safety from design stage to production, completion and use in accordance with the Safety Control of Hazardous Substances Act, thereby keeping the public trust in safety.
[Safety inspection for hazardous material facilities]
Prepare the future of firefighting technology.
Research and development of firefighting technology
Korea Fire Institute dreams of a smart safe powerhouse that will lead the new era. The Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In order to prepare for the certification demand of new firefighting equipment, we will further strengthen technical standards. We will also put spurs to convergence and integration research and development through close cooperation among schools, enterprises and government agencies. We will not stop challenging ourselves to become the world's leading firefighting technology agency to lead a new era.
Korea Fire Institute now challenges for a new tomorrow. In order for everyone ranging from children to adults to live safely everywhere, we prepare more thorough quality standards. We will constantly take challenges in order for us to research and disseminate advanced firefighting technology. Through reliable technology, Korea Fire Institute is creating a safe tomorrow in Korea.
World-class firefighting technology organization that goes together with the people.