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About KFI


CI Introduce

'K'represents "Korea" by symbolizing the first letter.
'F'is from the first letter of "Fire Industry" indicating the field of service.
'I'stands for "Technology Institute" indicating KFI's operation characteristics.
'Green'diamond symbolizes a safety zone, representing KFI's responsibilities and role to protect people's safety and happiness.
'Orange'color expresses KFI's identity and humanity.
Symbol Mark
KFI symbol
KFI symbol

The word mark is the symbol of KFI's image and the core of the CI (Corporate Identity), thus, cannot be changed in its shape or color without authorization.
The green diamond symbolizes a Safety Zone, representing the role and responsibilities of KFI in protecting the safety and happiness of people.
The orange color indicates the identity and humanity of KFI.


KFI Mascot