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About KFI




ISO 45001 acquire certification group photo
Fire Fighting Apparatus Center completion panorama
  • 2019.07.03The opening of Nambu office located to Daegu Metropolitan City
  • 2014.03.24The Firefighting Apparatus Center in Eumseong County, Chungcheongbuk Province, constructed
  • 2011.07.01Tests and inspections of firefighting apparatus begin
  • 2011.04.06Designated as the organization for Pilot Project for Fire-fighting Robots
  • 2011.01.19Inspection & Testing Center for Fire-fighting Apparatus started official operation


china Shanghai exhibition view
kfi open celebration
  • 2010.10.20Designated as a Managing Organization for Overseas Exhibitions
  • 2009.03.06Fire Industry Technology Research Center moved to Samcheok
  • 2008.12.08Korea Fire Institute (KFI) launched as a special corporation
  • 2007.12.06Signed an agreement with NRIFD(Japan) for cooperation in research projects, information sharing, technical cooperation, etc.
  • 2007.08.30Signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement with SP Fire-Fighting Technology Center, Sweden
  • 2007.05.30Opened Yeosu Office
  • 2006.12.20Signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement with CSIRO, Australia
  • 2006.10.30Signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement with Tianjin Fire-fighting Technology Research Institute, China
  • 2006.10.23Signed an agreement with FM Approvals (USA) for mutual testing agency
  • 2006.05.19Signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement with Sichuan Fire-fighting Technology Research Institute, China
  • 2005.12.14Opened Customer Service Center
  • 2005.09.07Launched property analysis of hazardous material (hazmat) service
  • 2005.08.31KOL AS-certified inspection institution
  • 2005.08.22Signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement with PSB, Singapore
  • 2005.05.26Asia F ire-protection Inspection Council (AFIC) launched
  • 2004.10.24Signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement with BRE, UK
  • 2004.06.30Signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement with Shanghai Fire-fighting Technology Research Institute, China
  • 2003.06.20Signed an agreement with UL (USA) for mutual testing agency
  • 2003.01.27Opened Fire Industry Technology Research Center
  • 2002.07.25Opened Fire & Disaster Prevention Products PL Center
  • 2001.02.01Firefighting Technology Research Center launched


permanent LPC technical agreement contract
danger-tank inspection task begin
  • 1999.10.06MOU with SSL (Scientific Services Laboratory), Australia, for information sharing and technology training
  • 1999.03.29MOU with Loss Prevention Council, UK, for technical information sharing and training
  • 1999.02.02Exchanged technical information and field knowhow with Shenyang Fire-fighting Products Quality Inspection Center
  • 1998.06.12MOU with FM Approvals (USA) for follow-up management (plant audit) agency
  • 1996.07.01Inspec tions and maintenance of hazardous material tanks begin
  • 1996.02.12KOL AS accreditation acquired
  • 1993.12.17Organization designated a regional body for ISO/TC21 for firefighting devices
  • 1992.07.01Organization relaunched as a special corporation


initial stage construction staff figure
kfi signboard hanging ceremony
  • 1979.07.01Foundation name changed to Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Corporation(KFI)
  • 1977.06.01Foundation of the Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Association