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About KFI

Center for Industrial Analysis

Building the foundations of the fire indusrty

Statistic study to assess the current
fire industry and analyze prospects

Survey of people's needs for
firefighting services

An industrial information to provide
information regarding the fire industry

Enhancing technology competitiveness

Patent grants to support intellectual
properties, induding advanced
technologies and noteworthy design

Competition events to
encourage the development
of new technologies and products

Design awards to developers of
hight value-added firefighting goods

Supporting international cooperation and entrance into overseas markets

Support for participation and proxy
participation in regional and
international fire industry exhibitions

Support for efforts to acquire international accreditation and individual participation
in overseas exhibitions

Internatonal firefighting market
team to help stategic entrance into
overseas markets

Asia Fire-protection Inspection Coucil
(AFIC) to create a joint response system
among Asian countries

A global marketing website to help
discover internaitonal business channels
and strengthen global competitiveness